Too Cool for Internet Explorer

Who Is Lee Bennett?

Quick History

  • Raised in Seffner, Florida.
  • Lived in same house from age 2 until I left for school.
  • Attended first through tenth grades in Tampa—yep, same school all ten years.
  • Attended boarding academy near Orlando for grades 11 and 12.
  • Spent first two college years in Tennessee.
  • Finished last two college years in Michigan.
  • Graduated in 1992 with a Bachelor of Technology in Media Technology/Media Communication.
  • After graduation, obtained an internship back in central Florida and am now a full-time worker at the same office.
  • I now reside a few miles west of downtown Orlando having just recently moved from Altamonte Springs, north of Orlando.

A Few Things I Enjoy

My Computer History

Sometime around 8th or 9th grade, my parents bought a Commodore VIC-20 as my first computer, not counting my old Atari 2600. A Commodore 64 followed soon after which was traded for a C-128 in exchange for me doing a few chores for my old elementary school. I’d previously been involved in the BBS community until after college. Once I moved into an apartment and actually owned a phone line, I began my internet addiction using the C-128 with a 2400 baud modem an a Linux shell account from Orlando Online. My first e-mail address was

Since that time, I progressed through a Performa 577 (the first Mac I personally owned, though I had, of course, used Macs during college), followed by a PowerBook 3400, a PowerBook G3 (Pismo model), a 1GHz 15" Titanium PowerBook G4, and then a 2.2GHz 15" MacBook Pro which is my current computer.

At work, I have progressed through a IIci, a 300MHz G3, a dual 800MHz G4, and currently a quad 2.5GHz G5 upgraded to 4.5mb of memory and a total of 500gb of hard drive space (250 per drive).

I used to occasionally mention my pride of being a Macintosh user by the fact that I own a custom license plate that reads, well, MAC-USER! It’s sort of surprising to admit to myself that I may actually be feeling as if I’d like to come up with something new. Any ideas?

October 2003, I purchased a 450MHz Power Mac G4 to use as a server. My Gallery-powered photo album is served from it and I freed up my PowerBook hard drive space by moving my iTunes library to this G4 tower. It’s also set up for various forms of file sharing when I need a place to leave files for people or they need to send files to me.

Esteemed Colleagues

I serve as a web editor with About This Particular Macintosh. Besides monitoring comments posted to the pages and keeping up with the links pages, I check for rendering mistakes in each issue’s HTML edition before it goes public. I’ve also contributed a number of articles, reviews, and desktop wallpaper images over the years.

Geek Code

All right, all right, I finally got around to writing mine. If you’re completely nongeek, a decoder is available. Just paste the entire code below into the decoder window..

Version: 3.12
GCC/O d-(++) s: a C++(+++) U@ P+ L E(----) W+++>$ N+ o? K? w(---) O- 
M+>++>$ V? PS(+) PE? Y+(-) PGP- t+(++) 5++ X-() R-(*) tv++@ b-(+) 
DI++ D G>++ e++ h(+) r->++ !y+ 

So, What Else?

I could probably go on about a lot of things but I’ll refrain for now. If, however, there’s something you really want to know, by all means, ask me. You can thank spammers and their webcrawlers for forcing me to never post my e-mail address on my web site again. I’ve listed a tip on how you can contact me on my Speak To Me page.

Star Trek Personality Test

And finally, if you care to read what this personality test had to say about me, I think it came out very accurate.

Myers-Briggs would say that you are an ISTJ (Introvert, Sensor, Thinker, Judger). In Star Trek language, you share a basic personality configuration with Spock and Miles O’Brien.

People like you are generally logical, honest, and upfront. You get impatient with phonies and people who are disorganized, though you keep your reactions to yourself, as you’re usually cautious and quiet, though not timid. Others find you reliable and will count on your being there in times of need. You make a loyal and responsible friend, though only when others remember that you’re conservative in nature.

You’re literal, realistic, and practical. You’re a hard worker who does very well in highly detailed situations, as you’re careful and precise.

You are also somewhat resistant to change and comfortable with routine. When change occurs, you’ll be the last one to fit it into your routine, but you’ll become an expert in time. You work much better to adapt to change when you see practical benefits.

Your primary goal in life is to be of service and do your job well. Your best rewards are to be listened to and to be acknowledged for your hard work.

Good careers for your type are operations officer, chief information officer, database administrator, police detective, and science officer.