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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Apple’s Latest “Early Adopter Fee”

I decided early on to keep up with upgrading any tracks that are turned into DRM-free iTunes Plus tracks. Thusly, when I noticed tonight that Astaire’s Don’t Whisper Lies - EP album was listed for upgrade, I went for it. Four tracks x 30 cents = $1.20.

Wait a tick—there are five tracks in that album, and all five are iTunes Plus tracks now. But one of them (L-L-Love) won’t show up as upgradable.

But even more disconcerting, in light of news that Apple is dropping the price of iTunes Plus tracks to 99 cents, is that I was still charged for the upgrade!

So let’s get this straight, buy an iTunes Plus track after today, and you only pay 99 cents. But purchase an iTunes Plus track earlier, and you have the privilege of paying a 30-cent early adopter fee to get that same DRM-free track!

I’ve seen other people say it, and I held fast to not agree, but I think I’ve finally gone over the precipice and have to admit that Apple really is becoming more and more Microsoft-ish in its practices with every single announcement spewed from the Reality Distortion Field.

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The fifth track not showing may be related to the issue I previously mentioned - the track available on iTunes is no longer the same as the track you bought, for one reason or another. When I contacted support, they were pretty good about making things right.

As for the price drop, they’re competing with another DRM-free store right now. The situation’s changed since Apple first started selling DRM-free tracks. Even if the lower price does come to fruition, tho, I wouldn’t be shocked if Apple still charged for the upgrade, since they’ve always said purchasing from iTunes is a one-off affair.

» Posted by Eric Blair
October 16, 2007 12:51 AM

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