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Speak To Me

If you’ve arrived at this page, then you’re trying to figure out how to reach this site’s owner, Lee Bennett.

You have spammers to thank for my decision to never put my e-mail address on my web page again. The honest truth is, those whom I definitely want to have my e-mail address already have it. Anyone else is on probation until I know who you are.

If you’re trying to reach me in response to a blog entry, go back and post a comment to that entry. Be sure you put your e-mail address in the form so I can reply. No, your address will not appear publicly.

For anyone else, I’m sorry but for now you may be out of luck. I used to list a procedure here for creating an e-mail alias for yourself that will get your message to me, but you once again have spammers to thank for my being forced to stop doing that, as well.

Tell you what, I do have a Gmail account, but I only check it maybe once or twice a week. If you want to reach me there, take the domain of this blog (without the www and without the .com) and put that in front of the domain. Depending on the nature of the e-mail and who you are, I’ll provide you with my normal e-mail address in private.