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Friday, November 26, 2004

Photo Server Temporarily Down

At some point Thursday, my server at home quit responding. I have no way of knowing if the internet connection is down or if the machine somehow froze up. Unfortunately, I’m in Tampa until Sunday. Thus, the online photo albums will be unavailable until at least mid-day Sunday.

Update: I got the server back up around 1 p.m. I’m not sure yet, but it seems the power went out here—apparently longer than what my UPS XS 1000 could handle. The time on my alarm clock is all screwed up and my server had definitely shut off and rebooted itself. Unfortunately, I’m having a problem where web sharing doesn’t stay on across reboots. My laptop’s web sharing stays on, but not the server. If it weren’t for this bug, the photos might have automatically came back on when the power was restored. If anyone has some clues what might be wrong, I’d appreciate some feedback. Of course, it is important to know I’m talking about web sharing on a standard Mac OS X 10.3 installation on a 450 MHz G4 tower.

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