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Sunday, March 14, 2004

They’re Watching…At Least, They Want To

The FBI wants to have the same wiretapping powers for the internet as they have for phones! I didn’t fully comprehend the scope of this insanity until Jeff related some of his thoughts:

“What’s next? Use encryption once, 5-10 in jail. Use it twice, 15-30. Third strike, life! If I write software, I can’t publish on the internet without getting an application from the FBI first and put their back door in my software? What about viruses and worms!? Talk about opening up a can of worms. Give me tax on the internet over this any day. Time to start encrypting all my e-mail. Sure, we had 9/11, but it doesn’t justify all the stuff that is getting passed. I don’t think the backdoor thing will fly, but VoIP and easy internet taps will probably make it. But, what it really means, I think, is higher prices and a lot of technical glitches for a couple of years until hardware/software vendors standardize things. Remember AT&T last year with portability and their upgrade? Multiply that economic impact by 10 and you might have an idea of what could happen when a large ISP brings something like this online.”

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