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Saturday, March 13, 2004

I’m a Winner!

Speaking of free things, over the weekend, I acquired two Pepsi bottle caps with codes for a free song from the iTunes Music Store. The first one came courtesy of my friend, Jeff, who bought the bottle but doesn’t plan on using iTunes any time soon, so he was happy to donate the cap to me. Then, while driving to Tampa yesterday, I stopped for gas and grabbed a bottle for the road. I confess, I used Jon’s tip to find a winning bottle! But I discovered something Jon didn’t mention. If you use your entire hand to cover the neck area below the bottle cap so that light doesn’t shine in that region, placing the side of your pinkie finger along the bottom of the cap, you accomplish two things. First, it backlights the cap making it easier to read. More importantly, for someone with an average-sized hand like mine, the placement of your hand helps you tilt the bottle at the correct angle. Hold the bottle an inch or two above eye level and tilt it until the bottom of the cap is visible just below the edge of your pointer finger.

For what it’s worth, two free songs is more than enough to simply say I took part in the promotion. I have no intention of actively acquiring more winning bottles, though I’d certainly not turn one down if circumstances land me another bottle of Pepsi.

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