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Sunday, March 14, 2004

Happy Birthday, Bro—Now, Come Blog Again! UPDATED

Just a short acknowledgment that today was my brother’s birthday. Hope it was a great day for you.

By the way, Bryan used to maintain a blog, but he’s essentially given it up. Too bad; he comes up with some gems from time to time—quite the pundit.

I’m trying to talk him into posting here once in a while. Each of these entries shows in the footer who made the post—all of which currently say ALBj (that’s me). By setting him up as a second author, it’d be apparent which entries belonged to him and which were mine, and he wouldn’t have to be concerned about going long stretches of time without contributing anything.

So, sound off. Take a peek at some of the entries on his old blog and tell me if you’d like to see more. I have no guarantees that a strong “yes” from your votes will convince him, but it couldn’t hurt!

Update: I have closed the poll because, in spite of only four votes, Bryan is now on board! Woohoo! I hope everyone enjoys what he brings to the table.

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