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Friday, September 1, 2006

ATPM 12.09

The September issue of About This Particular Macintosh is now available for your reading pleasure.

As usual, you can read the latest issue of ATPM online, or in one of three other formats. We aim to please.


Two showings for me in this issue. Apparently due (as I understand it) to a no-show by the previously arranged artist, I was asked to prepare something WWDC-related for the cover. Then, I spent some time with Miglia’s TVMax and TVMicro. Unfortunately, they’re for review only and have to be returned. I liked them, but I simply can’t justify putting the money into either model right now, especially since I really need to be saving for a laptop upgrade. My 1 GHz TiBook is beginning to ail from age. Besides, I already have a cable television PVR (HD, no less), a video DVD recorder, and access to DV equipment through which I can capture programs to my computer where MPEG Streamclip does a dandy job of converting to iPod format. Yeah, I realize it’s not quite as handy, but I don’t need to record and digitize TV programs to my computer on a regular basis.

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