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Friday, January 13, 2006

MacBook Pro Is Faster, but Lacking In Other Areas

If you’re like me, you may not be rushing to upgrade to a MacBook Pro because of not wanting to risk falling victim to possible revision 1 problems. I want to see what the next incarnation of the MacBook brings.

But if being a first-adopter isn’t an issue to you, here are some other reasons to wait:

  • No modem. (Yeah, no modem!!)
  • No S-Video output unless you buy a $19 adapter for the DVI port.
  • No Firewire 800.
  • Optical drive is slower and does not do dual-layer.
  • Fewer pixels on screen (though screen is much brighter).
  • Current PC Card slot devices now incompatible in favor of the new ExpressCard/34 format (rendering my camera memory PC Card adapters useless).

» Posted by ALBj at 05:09 PM (ET)
Category: Mac


The whole “no modem” thing is a complete red herring! Have you even bothered to look on the order page? Right there on the page you can order with it a USB modem specifically made to work with the macbook. See it’s web page for more info ( )

I mean, come on, you’re the second person I’ve seen mention the no modem thing. By not checking this out, your credibility really goes down.

» Posted by Tanner Lovelace
January 15, 2006 11:37 PM

The “no modem” thing all comes down to the fact that there’s really no good reason why Apple couldn’t have included one. One might argue, “Hey, it’s just fifty bucks on top of two grand or more that you’re already spending.” But then it can easily be argued the other way. If it’s just a measly fifty bucks (even less for Apple’s actual cost), why did they bother taking it out? I don’t see this as red herring or a matter of credibility, especially since I’m by NO means the only person or two who’s griping about it (just read _any_ commercial review of the MacBook Pro). It’s a matter of something that there’s no way can really make all that much difference to Apple, yet it’s still something that’s going to annoy a lot of Macintosh road warriors. Add to that fact the standard PCMCIA slot is gone in favor of the new, smaller, faster slot, so you don’t even have any hope of using a compatible PC Card modem you may already have. It’s just an illogical move. I can see the logic of migrating to a new PC Slot format because it’s a superior connection. But even in this age of abundant broadband (both tethered and wireless), there are plenty of times when the phone line is all you’ve got. My thinking is, if Apple’s actual cost to bundle a modem is (for the sake of argument) fifty bucks, then sell the machine for fifty bucks more. But we all know good and well that Apple’s actual cost to include a modem is nowhere near that dollar amount.

» Posted by Lee Bennett
January 16, 2006 12:11 AM

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