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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Choose Your Cache Locations Carefully

Chris pointed me to this story, suggesting it be my next IotM award. I was initially reluctant to assign it that category since I, myself, am into the geocaching scene. But there’s simply no getting around the geocachers’ creed which is to “avoid causing disruptions or public alarm.” - Geocaching puts authorites on edge - Jan 17, 2006

BOISE, Idaho (AP)—In a game of global positioning called geocaching, the lowly treasure hunt has gone high-tech—but it can also be a game of risk when terrorism-sensitive authorities find the goods first.


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Although I understand the concern, I think “authorities” need to understand that their paranoia will lead to false alarms and thus consider the cost of law enforcement all part of the increased security rather than try to punish this individual for something innocent.

» Posted by Queue
January 22, 2006 03:07 AM

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