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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Yeah, It’s the CIA, Via E-mail—Riiiiiiiight

I’m not sure whether to direct this IotM entry to the low-lifes who wrote the virus or to the people who, in this day and age, still cannot learn to keep viruses off their computers and, for the love of Pete, cannot STOP opening questionable e-mails or at least the attachments they come with!

The one about visiting illegal web sites and the CIA wanting you to answer some questions (conveniently provided in a ZIP file) is a prime example. How brain-dead must you be to believe the Central Intelligence Agency is trying to contact you by e-mail. And even if they were, don’t you think they’d know who you were better than simply opening the e-mail with “Dear Sir/Madam”?

Here’s a promise of which you can be certain. If you are on the CIA’s shit list, you’ll be hearing a lot of pounding on your door before you’ll hear “You’ve Got Mail!”

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