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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Tales of a Weary Traveler

I realized that, as of the end of this week, I will have been out of the office for a month. It all started several weeks ago when I agreed at the last minute to travel out to Gulfport, Mississippi, to help in the integration and testing of the $60+ million effort to upgrade our facilities in Alaska.

I worked for a week, then caught a flight that arrived in Seattle approximately 15 minutes before my parents arrived on a flight from Tampa. After a very relaxing week of vacation, interrupted only by getting my travel plans arranged, I left for Gulfport again.

At the end of what had become my third week out of the office, we decided that there was more to be done. I have now extended my stay through this week. I’ve decided that I am going home on Friday, no matter what. Of course, we’re already making initial plans for my return within a few weeks.

There have been three good outcomes for me personally in all of this.

1) The week visiting with family was terrific.

2) I have reached the required amount of travel to extend my elite status with Alaska Airlines through next year.

3) My primary boss in D.C. gave me the Employee of the Quarter award. It is very rare for anyone in our detachment to receive this award and I am very honored to receive it. I’d dare say I feel “motivated!”

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