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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Why I’ll Never Ride a Motorcycle

Granted, a particular event that took place as I drove home from work today was entirely due to an idiotic, selfish rider, but it proves a point—if even I can get as ticked off over what this rider did, anyone else could get ticked off over something I might do—intentionally or not.

The “event” to which I refer involved a moron motorcycle rider deciding he didn’t like being behind a little smoke-sputtering Volvo, so he changes…scratch that, darts across lanes…less than five feet in front of my car—with out even a hint of a warning.

Less than a minute later, he decides he wants all the way over in the hammer lane, so he turns his head, looks for a second or two, holds out his arm pointing to that lane, then casually drifts over. Only then did I decide to glance to my left to see who he cut off this time, and there’s no one behind him for a good five or more car-lengths!!

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