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Thursday, April 7, 2005

Look At Us, We’re Smokers and Proud of It!

Cough_cough_hack_gag.thumb.jpgIt’s pretty much getting to the point that my car’s A/C recirculate button is activated all the time.

No, I will not, as a matter of fact, get off my horse about cigarette smoke.

And to the person who managed to go through the effort of finding my page within this blog that explained how to make up an address to e-mail me, yet choose not to have his real name or working e-mail address in the header, I couldn’t give a rat’s ass whether you think I blog too much about hating cigarette smoke.

As for the photo, my god, can we any more blatantly scream out, “I am a smoker, dammit!”

Gag me.


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