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Thursday, April 7, 2005

Did I Just Hear a Moo?

I realize that restaurants want to minimize wasted food. Therefore, it makes sense that they under-cook steak and let it get sent back if it wasn’t done enough rather than risk overcooking and having to throw it away. My complaint is that they should try a little harder to at least come close to what I ask for. If I say medium-well, medium-rare is just not acceptable. One particular restaurant is notorious for it. I’ve gotten in the habit of asking for well-done knowing full well that I’m going to get medium or medium-well. I’m extremely surprised when I get a steak done all the way through.

What’s worse is that if you do send something back, their policy is that the manager has to bring it back to your table. As you can guess, the manager isn’t standing by the cook waiting for the food to be recooked so that he or she can rush it right out to your table.

The really scary part is that this same restaurant always asks how I want my chicken or salmon done, if that’s what I order. “Yes, I’d like a little salmonella with my fish, please!”

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