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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Direct-mail Marketing Mistake

People in some of the direct-mail marketing offices aren’t being terribly intelligent lately. Before I describe, let me establish the assumption that these marketers study the demographics and zip codes closely enough that they know the approximate region where I receive their mail.

Having said that, last month, I got coupons in the mail for Steak-n-Shake. The Steak-n-Shake store in my area had been torn down a while ago to be totally rebuilt. It’s not quite open yet. The coupons expire next week.

Today, I got coupons for CVS. A CVS store is being built not very far from where I live. It’s a pretty safe bet that it will not be completed before these coupons expire.

So let’s recap. The companies are spending money building locations in my area. The companies are spending money to print and mail coupons which, in turn, mean I would not be paying them as much for particular items. And the companies are going to lose potential business because I probably would not have otherwise been inclined to patronize them without the coupons.

Just doesn’t add up.

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