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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Dell Fell

I used to praise Dell for their customer service and excellent support. Then they moved their technical support to computer illiterate trainees who speak something barely recognizable as English. I find that I can find better information on Dell’s web site than I can by talking to Tier 1 support. However, due to equally bad service or worse from most other companies, I stuck with Dell because their products have never failed me.

Next to go was Dell’s sales division. Between idiotic policies of who can buy what and how many under which confusing contract, and the outright stupidity and incompetence of the staff, I am beginning to dread buying my next computer from them.

I’ve had bad luck with pretty much every manufacturer I’ve ever purchased from—even the small, custom build companies that get rated so high by readers of various magazines. Dell hardware has given me next to no trouble. The worst thing that’s ever happened was to have a laptop power adapter go bad. I will probably still buy Dell next time, but they’ve got two strikes. One more and they’re out!

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