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Friday, March 4, 2005

Menubar Moment

I hate to be a “me too,” but since I followed someone’s lead back in August 2003 for showing off what was in my dock (mine’s actually essentially still the same as then, except I no longer use DockExtender), I’m now going to follow Ryan’s lead and show off what’s in my menu bar. Yeah, it’s pretty full, but I genuinely use everything in there.


Since it sort of lives under the menubar when not in use, I’m showing my Launchbar in use. As for the right-hand side that this entry is really about, here goes:

  • Timbuktu control
  • Proteus status menu
  • WeatherMenu
  • IP
  • SharingMenu
  • SlimBatteryMonitor
  • MenuMeters, which can also track hard drive, CPU, and network usage, but I only use it for network traffic
  • Of course, there’s Apple’s own volume, displays, modem, AirPort, and Bluetooth menu items, as well as the menu that provides quick access to Character Palette and Keyboard Viewer
  • And finally, the clock module of You Control

What’s in your walle…uhh, menubar? (With apologies to Capitol One.)

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