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Friday, March 4, 2005

Set the Records Straight

This is one of those “doing business” things that just ticks me off because there’s no excuse for it happening, besides just plain bad recordkeeping.

Years ago, I contributed a column for a quarterly magazine. Eventually, for a forgettable reason, I stopped writing the columns. I’d received gratis copies of issues that carried my articles, but they kept coming after I stopped writing for them. About a decade later, they’re still showing up.

By the way, this is not a magazine I had much use for. Still don’t.

Sure, I told the staff a time or two I didn’t need to get copies any more. I’d never made a big deal over it, but I guess I may have to now. For the first and only time I can recall, the latest issue was accompanied by an $8 invoice for this year’s four issues! Remember, technically I never subscribed to this magazine.

Is this a new tactic to increase subscription bases—put people who contribute material to your magazine on the mailing list? Then, several years later, just start billing them like a regular customer?

Well, this magazine can bill me all they want, but they’re not getting a cent from me. I wonder how many more invoices I’ll get before they finally quit sending both?

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I like the tactics of wanna-be “professional magazines”. They get my work phone number some how, then call me and want all kinds of information. They make it sound really important and almost as if I already get their magazine. I’ve started hanging up on some of those jerks.

» Posted by Queue
March 4, 2005 08:09 AM

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