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Friday, March 4, 2005

Force the Issue

Okay, that was pretty boneheaded. Many of you know I’ve been extremely satisfied ever since I started using VerveHosting. They’ve always been extremely responsive to my issues, and offer great service at a good price. I guess I should never have assumed I’d never have any issue with them.

I’ve actually been wondering recently why I hadn’t been seeing any comment spam on my blog the past few days. Tonight, I found out why. VerveHosting decided to do something about the massive server load caused by comment spammers. Their solution was to simply block access to the default path and filename for Movable Type’s comment script!

If you have tried to leave a comment on my site in the past two weeks and, instead, was redirected to this page, I have two things to say. One: I’ve taken steps to restore the commenting function, so please try again. Two: why didn’t you tell me my comments weren’t working? Okay, maybe no one else has tried since the block was put in place and Ryan (who did tell me about it) was the first.

I wouldn’t be pissed about this except for just one thing. We customers got absolutely NO advance notice. None. I’d have even been satisfied if we’d gotten word of it right after it happened. It took someone who knew my e-mail address to let me know about it who knows how many days after it happened. To date, I have still not gotten the first word about it from VerveHosting staff.

Anyway, I absolutely intend to upgrade to Movable Type 3. I just have to find time to plan out the upgrade. Once it’s done, I’ll be turning on comment moderation. For now, I’ve simply renamed my comment script, so comments are back in action. Fortunately, doing this is a lot easier than I thought it was, so I can rename it semi-regularly if I want, as it has the added benefit of keeping comment spammers at bay since they usually work off the comment engine’s default path and name.

Once again, please come back with your feedback if you tried earlier and were unable.

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