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Friday, February 4, 2005

I.E. D.O.A.

It’s only been in within the past year or so that I’ve abandoned my sympathy for people using ancient web browsers. But because the latest (and last, presumably) version of Internet Explorer for Macintosh is version 5.2, I’ve still purposed to make sites IE5-friendly.

No longer.

Tonight, I found a disclaimer from someone’s site who explained why his pages will look like crap in IE5—Mac and Windows, alike. He established a custom stylesheet for those browsers, but only so that all the content would display, even if it wasn’t pretty.

He’s totally right. He says he’s hidden stylesheets from Netscape 4 for quite some time due to its poor CSS support, and it’s high time IE5 gets added to the list. It never occurred to me until I read this page that version 5 of Internet Explorer is more than five years old. Unfortunately, until iCab 3 comes out, there’s not a much better option for the last few OS 9 users out there, and iCab costs 30 bucks.

Well, I can’t apologize to those still on Classic Mac operating systems. As for everyone else, IE6 has been out for Windows quite some time, and there are several other far better choices for both platforms.

Firefox (Windows or Mac)
Safari (Mac)
Mozilla (Windows or Mac)
Opera (Windows or Mac)

Part of what prompted this revelation is that some pages being developed within my office’s web site won’t display any of the graphics in Mac IE. All other Mac browsers I’ve tried do just fine. I’d like to find out why, but I’m not going to sweat it nearly as badly as I thought I might.

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My company has some pages that you can only access with Netscape. We’ve tried several browsers on them, but only Netscape’s works correctly. What a bunch of dirt bags.

» Posted by Queue
February 4, 2005 07:58 AM

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