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Sunday, February 6, 2005

Musical Decades

I had two thoughts about music styles today. The first, I believe I’ve answered for myself, but I could use a little input about the second.

The past several decades are often described by the style of music that came out of them. You’ve got the classic oldies rock and doo-wop styles of the 50s, the hippie and British invasion styles of the 60s, disco from the 70s, and the power rock and electronic sound of the 80s.

You may notice, however, that this generalization began in the 50s and you don’t really ever hear about 40s music, 30s music, etc. My theory is that it wasn’t until the 50s that music got the widespread distribution needed to give it such classifications. What I mean is, practically everyone had a radio and/or a record player in the 50s—things that weren’t so common prior to that decade.

On the opposite end, however, I’m dry for ideas. At what point is a decade’s style definitively regarded? We’re nearly half way through this decade, and I have yet to hear anyone refer to 90s music as being any particular style. To be honest, I also don’t see a bona-fide trend for this decade, either. In fact, to my ears, the music of today doesn’t sound any different than the music of 10 years ago. Has our culture moved past the desire to label musical styles to such a degree?

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I know a guy who thinks that there has been no good music since the 70s. Maybe he’s right in a way. Maybe we’re just starting to run out of new ideas. I like current music, but it does sound just like the pop of the 90s.

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February 7, 2005 08:32 AM

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