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Thursday, November 4, 2004

Excuse Me, You Left Your Brain On the Counter Here

I like to think that ATPM has pretty intelligent readers. Once in a while, however, someone makes a boneheaded comment that just drives me nuts.

Tonight, someone left a comment that they weren’t interested in Stuffit Deluxe 9 (it was reviewed in this month’s issue) because it doesn’t work with RAR archives. He goes on to say, “Ther [sic] is no rar file app for OS X and that sux….”

Never mind that I found four RAR utilities on VersionTracker and MacUpdate just by searching for the term, “rar,” Allume’s web site even quite plainly lists RAR as one of the formats Stuffit Deluxe can create and access.

I’m glad I have an “Idiot of the Moment” category to put this in because I didn’t want to yield to yet another temptation to create an “I’m Blogging This™” category.

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Category: Idiot of the Moment


It amazes me with computers how often people assume that just because they haven’t heard of something that it can’t be done or doesn’t exist. Even IT professionals do not seem to be immune to this gross assumption.

» Posted by Queue
November 4, 2004 12:08 PM

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