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Thursday, September 16, 2004

Mo Betta Moblog

Until now, I have repeatedly said I didn’t really have much use for a camera phone. I still don’t think I do. When I want pictures of something, I bring along my handy Olympus C-5050 or snag the Nikon D100 from my office. Regardless, many photos end up on my online album.

The time has come, though, that my aging Sony Ericsson T68i is due for a successor. I know I haven’t had it awful long, but it was a near-discontinued model at the time I got mine. Besides, there’s now an even newer network in place that the T68i doesn’t use. Moreso, I dropped the phone a few months ago and broke the volume/status slider. At least the volume is stuck at a level I can deal with.

Last night, I made my very first eBay purchase and found the Sony Ericsson T616 about $100 cheaper than you can get it anywhere else without activating a new account or upgrading to the next-generation service—something I did a long time ago.

In spite of how cool it would have been to get the T637 (and yes, this phone is the successor to the T616 which I’m guessing is at or near discontinuation), there’s just not one to be had that I can find that isn’t well over $200. Besides, I can’t find a whole lot that’s any better on this model—just integrated instant messaging (don’t care), 2.5 grams lighter (don’t care), GSM 900 compatibility (I’ve never been overseas and will not likely go soon), and a 14-hour talk time rating instead of 11 (I charge my phone plenty often enough—this is no big deal). It’s also just ever so slightly smaller than the T616. Otherwise, I can’t find any other differences. Both phones hold the same number of contacts, 510, and support Bluetooth so I can use Mac OS X’s iSync and Address Book.

But I digress. Back to the camera subject. The T616 does, indeed, have a camera. The reasons above are why I bought this phone—not for the camera. That’s just an extra perk, but a perk I intend to use at least a little.

I have a Textamerica page created and will publicize it here once the first image goes up. I may even add a sidebar box on my blog’s home page showing the most recent image. There will, of course, also be an RSS feed.

Jon suggested I try Flickr instead of Textamerica, but I don’t think I like Flickr’s storage model. They essentially offer unlimited space, but you can only upload 10 megabytes per month and only the most recent 100 photos are visible. Any older, and they’re gone. This may be fine if someone is uploading lots of somewhat larger images regularly from their computer instead of their phone, but the T616’s photos are only 288x352 pixels. We’re only talking about a couple tens of kilobytes each. I’ll never come anywhere close to 10 megs a month and, at this size, I’m guessing 100 photos is only going to be around 5-6 megabytes, give or take.

Textamerica’s model, on the other hand, is the opposite—unlimited photos within 25 megabytes of space—so I’ll easily have hundreds and hundreds of photos before reaching that limit—all visible. Whenever the far away time arrives that I get close to the limit, I can buy more space for just a couple dollars. Or, by this time, I may be more inclined to remove some of the oldest photos to make more space. Who knows, maybe Textamerica will even be offering more space by that time.

The phone is shipping UPS Ground from California, so it’ll be next week before it gets here and, obviously, some time after that until images start appearing.

Moblogging is getting to be as popular as traditional blogging and, since the phone I chose for (almost) completely unrelated reasons happens to have a camera, I’ve decided to give it a try. Those of you having a little cognitive dissonance about the fact that audioblogging is also getting popular, my response is twofold: 1) I disagree. 2) I hate the sound of my voice when it’s recorded. Deal with it!

By the way, if you or someone you know needs an AT&T-branded T68i with the aforementioned volume slider problem, best offer will score mine.

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