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Friday, September 17, 2004

Sense of Security

I’m feeling a bit more at ease now. I just received my upgrade pack for Retrospect 6. I had a copy of version 5 I used to use on my old G3 Pismo, but never got around to upgrading it when I moved from Jaguar to Panther, and version 5 had issues with Panther—so I’m told.

I’d manually backed up some items on my server, but am happy to now be running, at this very moment, a complete (and verified) backup of my entire iTunes library, followed by my photo album. It takes a while to archive to DVD-RAM discs, but the media seems more reliable to me than hard drives, of which you hear about failures all the time. The DVD-RAMs are also reusable for a long time, unlike CD-R and DVD-R discs. And before you think I should be using CD-RW discs, I’ll say in advance that it does not make sense to back up more than 20 gigabytes of data to 700 megabyte CDs. Ouch!

So, between one of the four hard drives in my server dedicated to holding my music, my iPod, and the Retrospect DVD-RAM backup, I’m feeling my collection is pretty safe, especially considering the large collection of iTunes Music Store purchases.

And yes, the backup discs will be stored somewhere other than here where my computers are located. For now, they’ll be in my Shurgard cubicle.

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