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Friday, July 23, 2004

Not-so Free Schwag (Star Trek Novels For Sale)

Since Andy’s about to be upon the warpath of giving away and selling a bunch of stuff in advance of his move to California, I’ve got a collection that’s been gathering dust for many years that I wouldn’t mind getting a little money out of it.

Back during school, I was a bit more of a Star Trek fan than I am now. Yes, I still watch the shows and movies, but I gave up trying to collect all the novels æons ago when I realized I’d probably never read them all. What I’ve got are some of the earliest novels in the TNG and DS9 series, plus other goodies. (No, I never bought any of the Voyager novels.) I think there are a total of about 90 books. I’d bet a lot of them are really hard to find these days—especially the hardcovers. Also, not many of them have ever been read so the only two clues that most of them are not brand new are dust and unavoidable paper yellowing that occurs over time.

Ideally, someone would make an offer for all of it. And, since shipping this many books would be quite expensive due to the weight, someone who lives within range of the I-4 corridor between St. Pete and Daytona would be an ideal buyer. If not, we’ll have to work out the shipping details.

On the other hand, if there’s a significant portion of the collection you’d like, go ahead and make an offer on that, too. For now, though, I’d like to avoid selling just one or a couple of books piecemeal.

However, if someone makes an acceptable offer for all of it, I’ll include volumes 1 and 2 of The Nitpicker’s Guide to Next Generation Trekkers for no extra cost beyond the offer.

TOS Editions

  • Enterprise: The First Adventure
  • Strangers From the Sky
  • Spock’s World
  • The Lost Years
  • A Flag Full of Stars
  • Traitor Winds
  • Star Trek: I-VI (the novelizations of the first 6 Trek movies)

TOS Series

  1. The Klingon Gambit
  2. Deep Domain

TOS Hardcovers

  • Prime Directive
  • Probe
  • Best Destiny
  • Shadows On the Sun
  • Sarek
  • Federation
  • The Ashes of Eden
  • The Return
  • Avenger
  • Spectre

TNG Editions

  • Encounter at Farpoint (novelization of TV pilot episode)
  • Unification (novelization of TV episode)
  • Relics (novelization of TV episode)
  • Descent (novelization of TV episode)
  • Metamorphosis: The First Giant Novel
  • Vendetta

TNG Series

  1. Ghost Ship
  2. The Peacekeepers
  3. The Children of Hamlin
  4. Survivors
  5. Strike Zone
  6. Power Hungry
  7. Masks
  8. The Captain’s Honor
  9. A Call to Darkness
  10. A Rock and a Hard Place
  11. Gulliver’s Fugitives
  12. Doomsday World
  13. The Eyes of the Beholders
  14. Exiles
  15. Fortune’s Light
  16. Contamination
  17. Boogeymen
  18. Q-In-Law
  19. Perchance to Dream
  20. Spartacus
  21. Chains of Command
  22. Imbalance
  23. War Drums
  24. Nightshade
  25. Grounded
  26. The Romulan Prize
  27. Guises of the Mind
  28. Here There Be Dragons
  29. Sins of Commission
  30. Debtors’ Planet
  31. Foreign Foes
  32. Requiem
  33. Balance of Power
  34. Blaze of Glory
  35. The Romulan Stratagem
  36. Into the Nebula

TNG Hardcovers

  • Generations (movie novelization)
  • First Contact (movie novelization)
  • Insurrection (movie novelization)
  • All Good Things (novelization of TV finale episode)
  • Reunion
  • Imzadi
  • Triangle: Imzadi II
  • The Devil’s Heart
  • Dark Mirror
  • Q-Squared
  • Ship of the Line

DS9 Editions

  • The Search (novelization of TV pilot episode)

DS9 Series

  1. Emissary
  2. The Siege
  3. Bloodletter
  4. The Big Game
  5. Fallen Heroes
  6. Betrayal
  7. Warchild
  8. Antimatter
  9. Proud Helios

DS9 Hardcover

  • Warped (yes, I only bought the one DS9 hardcover)

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