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Tuesday, June 8, 2004

Use Your Home Folder

I’m proud of myself. I hate icons strewn all over a desktop. Equally so, I hate junk spread all over the top of my actual desks at home and at the office. I have yet to properly clean those real desks, but I’ve managed to finally clean my laptop’s desktop. I believe the desktop should be used for whatever you’re actively doing at the time, and things taken off it when you finish your day.

To this end, I’ve not only placed stuff in the various folders inside the my Mac OS X home folder (i.e. Music, Movies, Documents, Pictures), I even created new ones like Multimedia, To Do, and Web—the latter containing .webloc files of sites I want to peruse later.

My advice, just dump stuff in the proper folders. You don’t have to worry about keeping them clean because simply viewing a listing by kind sort of does this automatically. I’d rather scroll through a long list of files in the Pictures folder for that funny cartoon I saved from a web page than hunt for it somewhere on my desktop.

To help ensure my desktop stays clean, I have been trying out (actually, I just registered it) Path Finder. I could spend a few paragraphs describing how awesome it is as a Finder replacement, but there are plenty of other sites that do a far better job. But what I want to add is that the manner in which I’ve set up my main Path Finder window is such that, when it’s open, it spans my entire display. Since I have all my categorized home directory folders sitting in my standard shelf and my desktop is obscured by the Path Finder window, I’m less tempted to drop something on the desktop and actually encouraged to drop it in its proper folder—something I always used to say I’d get to later. Then, of course, when I’m done, I can easily close the Path Finder window and enjoy my iconless desktop and the beautiful EarthDesk wallpaper.

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