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Is It Safe To Be Here?

This isn’t a corporate/commercial site, so don’t expect any legalese on this page. I just wanted a place to mention that I care about online privacy.

To the best of my knowledge, your privacy is safe on this site, including the comments. An entry into the e-mail address line is required by the comments engine, but this is only for my own use, i.e. replying directly to you. E-mail addresses are not displayed publicly and they won’t ever get distributed to others by me.

If you type a web address in the URL field, however, the name you provide will be linked to that site. Naturally, if you provide a web address in a comment, you would probably love to get some traffic out of it, right? But don’t come here looking to create PageRank links. Movable Type uses a redirect format that keeps your URL hidden until someone clicks the link.

Like any other web site, your current IP address and a record of the pages you visit are stored in my server logs, but no personal information is recorded unless you enter such information into a comment. Please know that, currently, the comments are not moderated. Anything you type into a comment and submit is immediately made visible to the next person to visit that page.

This site makes limited use of cookies but, again, they do not store personal information about you. If you’ve chosen to disable cookies in your browser, unless I’m mistaken, probably the only thing you’ll lose is the ability for your information to be remembered in the comment-posting text fields.

In short, I have no desire or intention of violating your privacy. If you discover something about this site which does violate someone’s privacy, please let me know about it right away and I’ll make every effort to remedy it.