Waterworld - DTS

Let's be honest: this 1995 epic isn't nearly as bad as its negative publicity led us to expect. At the time it was the most expensive Hollywood production in history (it had a
i Titanic
i0 -sized $200 million budget), and the film arrived in theaters with so much controversy and negative gossip that it was an easy target for ridicule. The movie itself, a flawed but enjoyable post-apocalypse thriller, deserves better.
i Waterworld
i0 stars Kevin Costner as the Mariner, a lone maverick with gills and webbed feet who navigates the endless seas of Earth after the complete melting of the polar ice caps. The Mariner has been caged like a criminal when he's freed by Helen (Jeanne Tripplehorn) and enlisted to help her and a young girl (Tina Majorino) escape from the Smokers, a group of renegade terrorists led by Dennis Hopper in yet another memorably villainous role. It is too bad the predictable script isn't more intelligent, but as a companion piece to
i The Road Warrior
i0 , this seafaring stunt-fest is adequately impressive.
i --Jeff Shannon

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title: Waterworld - DTS
theatricalDate: 28-07-1995
stars: Rick Aviles
R.D. Call
Leonardo Cimino
Kevin Costner
Anthony DeMasters
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Monsters & Mutants
After the Apocalypse
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