Star Trek - Insurrection

Star Trek
i0 fans were decidedly mixed in their reactions to this, the ninth big-screen feature in Paramount's lucrative
i Trek
i0 franchise, but die-hard loyalists will appreciate the way this
i Next Generation
i0 adventure rekindles the spirit of the original
i Trek
i0 TV series while combining a tolerable dose of New-Agey philosophy with a light-hearted plot for the
i NextGen
i0 cast. This time out, Picard (Patrick Stewart) and his executive crew must transport to a Shangri-la-like planet to see why their android crewmate Data (Brent Spiner) has run amuck in a village full of peaceful Ba'ku artisans who--thanks to their planet's "metaphasic radiation"--haven't aged in 309 years.
It turns out there's a conspiracy afoot, masterminded by the devious, gruesomely aged Ru'afo (F. Murray Abraham, hamming it up under makeup resembling a cosmetic surgeon's worst nightmare), who's in cahoots with a renegade Starfleet admiral (Anthony Zerbe). They covet the fountain-of-youth power of the Ba'ku planet, but because their takeover plan violates Starfleet's Prime Directive of noninterference, it's up to Picard & crew to stop the scheme. Along the way, they all benefit from the metaphasic effect, which manifests itself as Worf's puberty (visible as a conspicuous case of Klingon acne), Picard's youthful romance with a Ba'ku woman (the lovely Donna Murphy), the touching though temporary return of Geordi's natural eyesight, and a moment when Troi asks Dr. Crusher if she's noticed that her "boobs are firming up."
Some fans scoffed at these humorous asides, but they're what make this
i Trek
i0 film as entertaining as it is slightly disappointing. Without the laughs (including Data's rousing excerpt from Gilbert & Sullivan's
i HMS Pinafore
i0 ), this is a pretty routine entry in the franchise, with no real surprises, a number of plot holes, and the overall appearance of a big-budget TV episode. As costar and director, Jonathan Frakes proves a capable carrier of the
i Star Trek
i0 flame--and it's nice to see women in their forties portrayed as smart and sexy--but while this is surely an adequate
i Trek
i0 adventure, it doesn't quite rank with the best in the series.
i --Jeff Shannon

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title: Star Trek - Insurrection
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stars: F. Murray Abraham
LeVar Burton
Mark Deakins
Michael Dorn
Bruce French
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