Star Trek III - The Search for Spock

You didn't think Mr. Spock was
i really
i0 dead, did you? When Spock's casket landed on the surface of the Genesis planet at the end of
i Star Trek II
i0 , we had already been told that Genesis had the power to bring "life from lifelessness." So it's no surprise that this energetic but somewhat hokey sequel gives Spock a new lease on life, beginning with his rebirth and rapid growth as the Genesis planet literally shakes itself apart in a series of tumultuous geological spasms. As Kirk is getting to know his estranged son (Merritt Butrick), he must also do battle with the fiendish Klingon Kruge (Christopher Lloyd), who is determined to seize the power of Genesis from the Federation. Meanwhile, the regenerated Spock returns to his home planet, and
i Star Trek III
i0 gains considerable interest by exploring the ceremonial (and, of course, highly logical) traditions of Vulcan society. The movie's a minor disappointment compared to
i Star Trek II
i0 , but it's a--well, logical--sequel that successfully restores Spock (and first-time film director Leonard Nimoy) to the phenomenal
i Trek
i0 if he were ever really gone. With Kirk's willful destruction of the U.S.S.
i Enterprise
i0 and Robin Curtis replacing the departing Kirstie Alley as Vulcan Lt. Saavik, this was clearly a transitional film in the series, clearing the way for the highly popular
i Star Trek IV
i0 .
i --Jeff Shannon

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title: Star Trek III - The Search for Spock
theatricalDate: 01-06-1984
stars: Merritt Butrick
Robin Curtis
Joe W. Davis
James Doohan
Robert Hooks
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