Spider-Man (Limited Edition Collector's Gift Set)

For devoted fans and nonfans alike,
i Spider-Man
i0 offers nothing less--and nothing more--than what you'd expect from a superhero blockbuster. Having proven his comic-book savvy with the original
i Darkman
i0 , director Sam Raimi brings ample energy and enthusiasm to Spidey's origin story, nicely establishing high-school nebbish Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) as a brainy outcast who reacts with appropriate euphoria--and well-tempered maturity--when a "super-spider" bite transforms him into the amazingly agile, web-shooting Spider-Man. That's all well and good, and so is Kirsten Dunst as Parker's girl-next-door sweetheart. Where
i Spider-Man
i0 falls short is in its hyperactive CGI action sequences, which play like a video game instead of the gravity-defying exploits of a flesh-and-blood superhero. Willem Dafoe is perfectly cast as Spidey's schizoid nemesis, the Green Goblin, and the movie's a lot of fun overall. It's no match for
i Superman
i0 and
i Batman
i0 in bringing a beloved character to the screen, but it places a respectable third.
i --Jeff Shannon

uuid: 5AD3879E-27E6-4C92-94EA-3EE8659F85F1
upc: 9781404905207
title: Spider-Man (Limited Edition Collector's Gift Set)
theatricalDate: 03-05-2002
stars: Tobey Maguire
Willem Dafoe
Kirsten Dunst
James Franco
Cliff Robertson
purchase date: 19-06-2007
publisher: Sony Pictures
published: 01-11-2002
price: $49.95
net Rating: 4
MPAA Rating: PG-13
minutes: 121
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genre: Spider-Man
Heroic Missions
Action & Adventure
fullTitle: Spider-Man (Limited Edition Collector's Gift Set)
features: Anamorphic
Box set
edition: Limited
director: Sam Raimi
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