Shark Tale

When a shark accidentally clobbers himself, a small fish named Oscar (voiced by Will Smith,
i I, Robot
i0 ) just happens to be around, prompting everyone to believe that he killed the shark himself. This lie soon makes Oscar a celebrity, worshipped by the general mass of fish, wooed by a glittering golddigger (Angelina Jolie,
i Girl, Interrupted
i0 ), missed by his best friend (Renee Zellweger,
i Cold Mountain
i0 )--and hunted by the godfather of great whites (Robert De Niro,
i Goodfellas
i0 ). Can a vegetarian shark named Lenny (Jack Black,
i School of Rock
i0 ) get Oscar out of this mess? The formulaic story of
i Shark Tale
i0 never reaches the giddy heights of Pixar's output (
i Finding Nemo
i0 ,
i Monsters Inc.
i0 ,
i Toy Story
i0 ) or the freewheeling comedy of
i Shrek
i0 , but it's capably told and impeccably animated--the sheer technical skill is stunning. Kids won't get the mobster jokes or the other pop-culture references, but they'll enjoy it nonetheless.
i --Bret Fetzer

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title: Shark Tale
theatricalDate: 01-10-2004
stars: Will Smith
Robert De Niro
RenŽe Zellweger
Jack Black
Angelina Jolie
purchase date: 19-06-2007
publisher: Dreamworks Animated
published: 08-02-2005
price: $14.99
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MPAA Rating: PG
minutes: 90
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Feature Films
Doug, Doug E
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Rob Letterman
Vicky Jenson
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