Mannheim Steamroller - Fresh Aire 8

Followers of Mannheim Steamroller's 28-year-old
i Fresh Aire
i0 series will welcome this ambitious program of mesmerizing music and video. Series creator Chip Davis spared no expense in creating this final
i Fresh Aire
i0 opus, supporting Mannheim's electronic soundscapes with the London Symphony and compelling visual counterparts, each exploring the central theme of Infinity. Musically, this is one of Mannheim's least inventive efforts, but noteworthy exceptions (like "Fractals") come to life in exquisitely discrete 5.1-channel sound. While the visuals range from cheesy re-creations of Plato's ancient symposia to the hypnotic progression of mathematically generated fractal imagery, the DVD's behind-the-scenes featurettes include enlightening "professor's notes" from scholarly experts, lending the entire enterprise an all-ages air of exploratory spirit. Other featurettes reveal Davis's all-encompassing input, and you can't help but admire the synthesis of art, music, and education that Davis has created. There's magic here, if you're receptive to the enduring
i Fresh Aire
i0 vibe.
i --Jeff Shannon

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title: Mannheim Steamroller - Fresh Aire 8
theatricalDate: 19-06-2002
stars: Mannheim Steamroller
Chip Davis
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publisher: American Gramaphone
published: 23-04-2002
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Mannheim Steamroller
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