Finding Nemo

A delightful undersea world unfolds in Pixar's animated adventure
i Finding Nemo
i0 . When his son Nemo is captured by a scuba-diver, a nervous-nellie clownfish named Marlin (voiced by Albert Brooks) sets off into the vast--and astonishingly detailed--ocean to find him. Along the way he hooks up with a scatterbrained blue tang fish named Dory (Ellen DeGeneres), who's both helpful and a hindrance, sometimes at the same time. Faced with sharks, deep-sea anglers, fields of poisonous jellyfish, sea turtles, pelicans, and much more, Marlin rises above his neuroses in this wonderfully funny and nonstop thrill ride--rarely does more than 10 minutes pass without a sequence destined to become a theme park attraction. Pixar continues its run of impeccable artistic and economic success (their movies include
i Toy Story
i0 ,
i A Bug's Life
i0 ,
i Toy Story 2
i0 , and
i Monsters, Inc
i0 ). Also featuring the voices of Willem Dafoe, Geoffrey Rush, and Allison Janney.
i --Bret Fetzer

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title: Finding Nemo
theatricalDate: 30-05-2003
stars: Eric Bana
Nicholas Bird (II)
Albert Brooks
Willem Dafoe
Ellen DeGeneres
purchase date: 19-06-2007
publisher: Walt Disney Video
published: 04-11-2003
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