Mannheim Steamroller - Christmas Live

Mannheim Steamroller's music is incredibly moving by itself, but add an enthusiastic live performance by some very animated musicians and an intense multimedia presentation and the result is even more powerful. This 56-minute Christmas concert features many favorite numbers from the album
i Christmas in the Aire
i0 , but "Joy to the World" perhaps best epitomizes that distinctive Mannheim Steamroller sound: powerful synthesized melodies and harmonies, an intense drive and pathos, and skillful ornamentation. The accompanying fireworks on a huge, over-stage screen add a striking visual dimension to the song. Several Renaissance-inspired numbers like "In dulci Jubilo" and "Wassail, Wassail" showcase unusual Renaissance instruments and are paired with a rich, on-screen portrayal of a Renaissance feast. The instrumental, theatrical, and multimedia performances are beautifully, effectively done. The album ends, as Mannheim Steamroller tradition dictates, with "Going to Another Place," an all-time fan favorite.
Filmed by 24 cameras and backed by 64 tracks of digital audio, this concert video looks and sounds great. An optional subtext provides brief but incisive information about each musical number--there's no annoying, running oral commentary to obscure the music, but a few well-chosen words placed at the beginning of each number to heighten the enjoyment and understanding of each piece.
i --Tami Horiuchi

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title: Mannheim Steamroller - Christmas Live
theatricalDate: 11-11-1997
stars: Chip Davis
Jackson Berkey
Almeda Berkey
Ron Cooley
Arnie Roth
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published: 11-11-1997
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Mannheim Steamroller
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