Dinosaurs come alive like never before in this costly computer-animated film from Disney. After a breathtaking opening (a dino egg is kidnapped), the film changes style; realistic dinosaurs are given human characteristics and voices. The kidnapped egg grows into an iguanodon named Aladar (voiced by D.B. Sweeney), who is raised by lemurs (shades of
i Tarzan
i0 ) on a lush island void of other dinosaurs. When a meteorite destroys their island home in a thrilling sequence, the lemur family and Aladar become part of a dinosaur troop roaming the mainland deserts looking for the lush nesting grounds (shades of the fourth installment of the
i Land Before Time
i0 series and
i Fantasia
i0 ). Disney's usual mix of modern language (one lemur calls himself "a love monkey") is present, as is its typical capital punishment law: anyone against our forward-thinking hero (or even disagreeing with him) ends up dead. Curiously, the meanies, a pair of carnotaurs following the group, are nameless and voiceless. This more realistic approach might have been a bigger wow, as in the BBC's
i Walking with Dinosaurs
i0 , which looked extraordinary with only a fraction of the budget. The complexity and scope of
i Dinosaur
i0 's visual scale is impressive, and group shots and a point-of-view angle are stunning. Rated PG for general intensity, the film should be a favorite for the 6- to 11-year-old set.
i --Doug Thomas

uuid: A94EE364-D01A-4C02-95C3-76FEDDB5C60F
upc: 9780788827433
title: Dinosaur
theatricalDate: 19-06-2000
stars: Max Casella
Julianna Margulies
Joan Plowright
Della Reese
Peter Siragusa
purchase date: 19-06-2007
publisher: Walt Disney Video
published: 30-01-2001
price: $39.99
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MPAA Rating: PG
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