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Saturday, September 29, 2007

My Last Five Songs

Tom tagged me, so here goes.

I buy a lot of iTunes tracks as well. I’m not particularly bothered by the DRM plan because it presently works for my needs. I’m also confident that if, someday, Big Music decides its okay to sell DRM-free music—and, of course, if hell freezes over—then Apple will simply include a function in a new version of iTunes that will scan my library and remove the DRM from all the tracks I’ve purchased.

For what it’s worth, I generally keep my latest batch of purchases on iTunes listed on my MySpace page. Why there? Dunno. I just do.

Anyhow, my last five purchases—most recent first—were:

  • P!nk: I’m Not Dead
  • Mainstay: Well Meaning Fiction
  • The Breakfast Machine track from Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure
  • Russell Watson: various individual tracks from The Voice, The Voice-Encore, Reprise, and Amore Musica
  • Fatboy Slim: individual tracks—Rockafeller Skank, Slash Dot Dash, Weapon of Choice

Note that this is a list of my own purchases. The last three would be replaced by three different artists’ tracks that were recently gifted to me if we were to account for those. But either way, I’m choosing to not reveal those, so don’t bother asking.

Tom and Chris Turner have pretty much tagged anyone that I would tag, so I’m setting down the ball. Thank you, and good night. I’ll be here all week.

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