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Monday, September 17, 2007

Haxie Hardships

Based on frequent advice from People Who Know™, I am going to stop using Unsanity’s haxies. I seem to have developed all sorts of odd problems in my current user installation on my MacBook Pro—possibly having been caused from migrating from my old TiBook and copying a few things directly over instead of installing fresh. As I do this, I’m simply not installing any Unsanity stuff.

Unfortunately, this means that several functions I’ve become used to are now gone, and I’m looking for alternatives. Thus, I’m hoping some reader of mine may have suggestions.

This is probably the one I’ll miss the least in terms of Apple Menu modification. I only modified the menu a bit because FruitMenu allowed me to do so. The only thing in it from which I’ve really derived any true benefit is the hierarchical access of the System Preferences. Is there a non-haxie way of adding this to the System Preferences item in the unmodified Apple Menu?

How about the items in the Settings tab of FruitMenu? I like making the Application menu an icon instead of the full name of the Application.

Menu Master
I simply must find an alternative for this one. I know many applications allow me to adjust keyboard shortcuts, but Menu Master allows them to all be managed in one place and lets me change shortcuts for applications that normally can’t be changed. It also lets me assign a shortcut on the fly while actually looking at the menu instead of having to open some separate manager window. So how about it? Global keyboard shortcut manager?

WindowShade X
I think I may be able to learn to live without this one. I sure do love WindowShade, though, so it’ll be very hard to let go. Isn’t there any other way to accomplish this without haxie-badness? I don’t even need all the special features like “Minimize-In-Place” and whatnot. Just the plain WindowShade behavior.

Of all the haxies I run, I’m certain this is the one I can most easily dump. But if a non-haxie alternative exists, I’d thrill to know of it.

Any advice would be very much appreciated.

» Posted by ALBj at 03:18 PM (ET)
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Try TransparentDock. It modifies the Dock application itself (which is apparently where the various Dock prefs are stored). I’ve done a couple binary diffs on the before-and-after in an attempt to figure out what exactly is being modified and how, but I’ve thus far been unsuccessful in figuring it out.


» Posted by Chris
September 18, 2007 01:33 PM

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