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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I Dare You

For just one month, I dare you to eat approximately half of the amount you normally have eaten (except good things like steamed veggies and such). But if you’re like me and are eating out a lot, eat just a 6-inch sub instead of a footlong. Don’t get any refills on your sodas (or cut sodas out entirely). Order a kid’s size Moo Moo Mr. Cow burrito at Moe’s instead of a Homewrecker. You get the idea.

I all but guarantee you that in a month’s time, if you can put up with a few weeks of feeling hungry most of the day, you’ll get to the point where you feel stuffed after having eaten only the smaller amount. I just got back from Moe’s for dinner (a place I’ve cut back on visiting in an effort to reduce the amount of sodium I eat) and only had a Moo Moo instead of my usual Joey Bag of Donuts, and I feel like i had an enormous meal. I even told the worker to not bother giving me the cookie that normally comes with the kid’s meal. I also feel full after eating a 6-inch Subway sandwich instead of the footlong I used to get.

I’ve lost about a pound a week (about 4 or 5 total now) and am feeling better. I’m even starting to get the occasional comment that I’m losing weight. It’s lovely, and I know that slowly dropping weight (a pound a week as I have been) is the ideal pace.

Next, I’ve got to get out and do more walking. I wanted to start this summer, but haven’t because I sprained my ankle back in May and it’s only just now beginning to feel like it could handle a multi-mile walk. So I must strap on the ankle brace and get out there.

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Congrats, Lee. That’s a great way to do weight-loss, and I admire your enthusiasm! Please, please forgive me this minor plug, but my employer The Daily Plate ( is a site geared almost exactly towards this way of thinking.

You look up the foods you eat, click “I ate this!”, and it tracks the calories you’ve consumed each day. The mere act of knowing you have to log each thing you’re putting into your mouth can help you make the decision to, as you mention, forego the cookie.

» Posted by Lex
August 16, 2007 08:18 AM

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