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Friday, July 27, 2007

Tapping iPhone’s Line-level Output

This very simple entry comes in the form of a question.

With the rather large number of car-charger options showing up for iPhones, why the hell hasn’t a single one of the manufacturers thought to include a jack to tap the line-level output so I can plug it into my head unit’s auxiliary input jack?

And don’t tell me that maybe the iPhone doesn’t have a line-level output. What do you see on the back of the dock Apple includes with iPhones?

And don’t tell me to just use the iPhone’s headphone jack. Besides the fact that I’m not keen on having to buy an adapter to use it with anything other than Apple’s earbuds, a line-level output produces a cleaner signal than the one that would come through the amplified headphone jack and then amplified again through the head unit.

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