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Monday, July 2, 2007

It’s Alive…It’s Alive!!

As I write this, I’m synchronizing stuff into my new iPhone! WOOHOOO!

Okay, so it didn’t take the 30- or 40-some hours that that it’s been taking for other people, thus no complaints from me. In my case, it was under 24 hours. More like 18 or less.

Really funny, though, at least to me, is that since I could not call the AT&T office on Sunday to cry about why I couldn’t use my old phone while waiting for the new one, I woke up and called in the minute they opened at 7am today to hopefully avoid waiting for other callers ahead of me. The lady had me do the tip of putting the iPhone’s SIM into the old phone. I’d tried this last night, but got paranoid about it really being a good idea and I put it back.

But this time, I was going to just go with it. So I made the SIM swap, fired up the old phone and was good to go. Not 10 seconds later, as I was getting getting out my chair to head to the bathroom and get ready for my day, my old phone suddenly pops up a message that I need to power it off and back on. “That’s weird,” I thought.

I turned it off, but before turning it back on, inspiration struck, and I checked my e-mail.

It was a beautiful thing. Sitting right there at the top of my Inbox was a message from AT&T saying that my iPhone had been activated!

Now, there is no way I could tell you if the lady I talked to about using my old phone had any bearing on speeding up the activation, or if it was pure coincidence. I’m not even going to speculate because that’s totally not the point.

The point is, once the synchronization is finished, I’ll be happily living in the land of all the other iPhone users.

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So nice to see my Dark Side powers still work on occasion. Welcome to the high country, my friend.

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July 2, 2007 04:53 PM

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