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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Double Anniversary

This is completely uninteresting to most of you, so feel free to move along if you’re pressed for time. But the purpose of this installment is to mark not only the fact that the first of July marked 15 years of employment at the same office (which I briefly mentioned in an earlier post about having turned 37 years old), but also the realization that the main newsletter that I design as reached a 10th anniversary of being published as Acrobat PDF files.

Okay, yes, that number sorta got pulled out of my butt, but it’s true. Obviously, I’ve been designing it for as long as I’ve worked there, so that 15-year anniversary doesn’t feel like it applies to the newsletter. And the newsletter itself is currently in its 23rd year of publication. But it was volume 13, number 2 that first went on my office’s web site as a PDF, and I just today took volume 23, number 2 to the press.

This realization came today when, by chance, I navigated to my folder of all the PDFs of this newsletter in Adobe Bridge and was admiring all the covers in one big window on my 23" Apple display. Then, it hit me that I was looking at 10 years worth of covers!

While I’ve relaxed my separation-of-work-and-blog rule a little bit after my former boss left (she was the reason I began that policy), I’m still not inclined to post a link to those newsletter PDFs here. Besides, most people who read this blog probably already know where they can find them or know how to ask me where to find them.

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