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Thursday, June 14, 2007

T+Nine Days and Counting

As you probably read, Tuesday last week I purchased the recently updated version of the MacBook Pro. By Monday, as best I can figure, I had pretty much migrated everything over that I wanted to keep while trying to eliminate a lot of old apps and utilities I was no longer using. The Intel-based Macs don’t run Classic emulation, so the entire Classic folder got zapped. Having access to Adobe Pagemaker is probably going to be the only significant casualty, but a necessary one. I periodically run across old Pagemaker 5 documents that I’d like to get into. InDesign will open version 6.x files, but not 5. Fortunately, the quad G5 at work can still launch Pagemaker into Classic emulation, so I can take care of it there if I’m desperate.

Impresions so far. Wow, it’s fast. I realize my old laptop would probably also feel a lot faster if I simply set it up fresh. But even doing that, it would still not be able to handle HD resolution QuickTime movies, and it stutters with most any Flash video and use of Google Earth.

But probably the biggest advantage now is finally having USB 2.0. I’d hobbled along with USB 1.1 speeds long enough. It was essentially always an all-night process to update my iPod.

I did opt for the lower of the two 15-inch models. But rather than elaborate here, I’m going to instead direct you to and the yet-to-be-released July issue which is scheduled to carry a Segments article I’m writing about my MBP acquisition.

See you there!

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