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Thursday, June 28, 2007

No, Not $2,000 for an iPhone

Kirk’s always been a pretty insightful blogger, but I feel he completely goobered the goat with his latest post:

$2000 for an iPhone?

…Even the cheapest plan, with a 2-year commitment, will run you $60 a month. Add that up over 24 months, plus the cost of the phone, and it’ll cost you nearly $2000…


Umm, no Kirk, you’re wrong. An iPhone does not cost $2,000. An iPhone plus 24 months of up to 10,800 minutes of talk time plus unlimited data transfer and an awesome voice mail feature that essentially no one else has—that’s what costs $2,000.

You’d have a point if someone plunked down two grand for a hunk of touch-screen circuitry that just looked pretty after you bought it. But that’s not the way it is.

Besides, that $2,000, minus the cost of the buying the iPhone, doesn’t even go to Apple. That’s paying AT&T for service. Apple just gets the one-time payment for the phone.

Would you say the same thing about your car? You might find a heckuva deal on a little car for just $2,000, but if you actually want to drive the car, how much is it going to cost you over two years to fill it with gas, change the oil, eventually change the tires, ad infinitum?

With your rationale, just about every phone on the planet costs thousands of dollars—even if the phone itself was free.

Echoing Tom’s words, I just can’t believe how many people exist just to piss on the iPhone. Apple isn’t the one to be pissed on, and both Apple and AT&T should be commended for even offering an unlimited data plan for a phone that warrants having one.

And that’s my soapbox.

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Actually your comparison is also misleading. Because with a car you can always decide how much to drive and how much it’ll cost you. But with monthly fees, you have to pay them. Imagine it like taxes on having a car. If you decide on buying a car, its only logical to include that monthly cost when deciding if you can or want to afford it…

So not every phone costs thousands of dollars, because most phones have cheaper plans available. And if you’re not gonna even nearly use up all those minutes, you’re paying extra. “It’ll” cost you thousands of dollars to have the iPhone. Quite literally. Nobody said the iPhone alone cost that much, but you can’t get the iPhone alone anyway, so its a moot point.

Also the blog you linked isn’t “pissing” on Apple. They just say its too expensive to get an iPhone if you don’t need such big plans. The problem is not that they’re “even offering” unlimited data, but that they’re requiring it, making it expensive to use the thing as just an video iPod that happens to be able to take calls.

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July 1, 2007 07:28 AM

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