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Sunday, May 6, 2007

Of Movie Theaters and Dollars

I’ve got a message for movie theater suits who seem to have the impression that early DVD releases and more people installing home theaters is the reason movie theater attendance has been slacking in recent years. Keep believing that delusion if you wish—or maybe there actually is some truth in it.

But in every scenario I’ve seen, when demand for something goes down, so do the prices. Yet, the theaters in this area all seem to have collectively done away with afternoon matinees, and they presently charge nearly double what a matinee ticket used to cost less than five years ago.

The fact that Spider Man 3 will probably be available on DVD by Christmas is not why I reluctantly paid the price to see it in the theater this weekend. The fact that they charged me $9.50 for a 5:25 showing is what caused my reluctance and is why I’ll very likely not see more than 2-3 movies in a theatre this year.

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