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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Mo’ Better?

So what do you think? Take a peek at my photo albums. I did some re-arranging. Now, the primary albums are simply named by year. All the previous primary albums now live as sub-albums inside the appropriate year.

There are both technical (translate: glitch/bug) and functionality reasons that I did this. I do like that most of the different albums are now all seen on the first page and I don’t have to scan through several pages to find what I’m looking for. One slightly adverse side effect is that the main page now takes a little longer to render itself because the Gallery engine has to poll all the data to read in the sub-album names. Personally, I can live with this tradeoff because the time to load the first page is usually much less than the time it used to take me to go through pages to find a particular album.

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