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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Invade My Space

I’ve had an account on MySpace for a while, primarily to be able to access content that requires having a user account. One day a while back, I got board and actually added code to style the page a little bit, and I added a little profile info.

Well, like a rolling snowball that couldn’t be stopped, I’ve gotten far more into it. Crazy, but I’ve just found so many people I already knew who also have accounts.

I won’t be adding hundreds of people just to make new friends, though I know that’s the reason a lot of people use MySpace. So far, I’ve only got 25 people listed as friends, and I am well-acquainted with every one of them—some of them since I was in elementary and high school. There’s also one I’ve known since I was a really young kid.

The reason I’m posting this tidbit is to track down other acquaintances who are keeping up a MySpace profile. If you’re not a stranger, feel free to come on over and ping me.

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