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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Hungry Much?

Before heading to this linkage, let me make one thing clear. I absolutely do agree that it’s pretty pathetic that the food presented to customers in restaurants hasn’t a prayer of resembling what they see in promotional photos. It’s quite annoying.

I do applaud efforts to call out the phenomenon, but they’re not often much more accurate than the promotional photos. In this example, the author even states that the food items were taken home, then photographed. Allow me to comment on some of the specimens.

In the first sample of a KFC Famous Bowl, the cheese has turned to soup. The key here is that the author took the product home. I assure you the cheese didn’t look like that when the product was initially presented to the customer. I’ve had these Famous Bowls and they’re actually pretty good.

Surprisingly, the “reality” Subway sandwich actually doesn’t look too bad. In fact, it looks better than what I usually get. Most of the time, Subway’s bread is so airy, by the time you sit down to eat it, it’s not much thicker than what they use for a wrap.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the Wendy’s Taco Salad. I’m not sure about the Wendy’s the author patronizes, but the ones in Orlando don’t put all the items on for you. I don’t dump my chili on one side, squirt all my sour cream in one spot, and dump my chips on the other side. Instead, I squirt the sour cream and the dressing all over the salad first, then pour the chili over the whole thing, and put the chips on top. Okay, it’s not completely accurate for the promo photo to have tomatoes visible and especially not accurate to show cheese on top of the chili (it comes already on the salad and the chili pours on top). But I do know that every one I’ve eaten started out looking better than the “reality” photo.

The remaining items are pretty much dead on. Would it surprise you to know that a very large percentage of what you see in promotional photos is not even edible? I don’t mean that it was edible and was made inedible to make it look better for photos. I mean, much of it was often never edible to begin with.

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