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Sunday, February 4, 2007

I Might Be Somewhat Pathetic

I am probably committing some sort of male heresy here, but I’ll make the admission anyway. There are only two reasons I’m watching the Superbowl this evening:

1) I’m quite indifferent about either the Colts or the Bears, but I kind of think Dungy was wronged with that whole Tampa Bay Superbowl thing. Since Tampa’s sort of my home team and I’d root for them, I’m quite happy Dungy took the Colts to the Superbowl and would be very pleased for absolutely no other reason if the Colts won.

2) Commercials.

» Posted by ALBj at 02:24 PM (ET)
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I don’t think it’s male heresy, Lee, and if anyone does, they can go spit. Some guys don’t like football, and for those who do, some guys don’t like professional football. I’m not a big fan of the NFL, though I’m a fan of football, so I’ll usually watch on Sunday, not really following a particular team.

I tend more to follow certain players, and like to see them do well, and hence, their teams. For me, this go-around it’s the Colts, because I like Peyton Manning and would like to see him get the can’t-win-the-big-one monkey off his back (which he’s already done partly by getting to the Super Bowl). I also like Joseph Addai because the he’s former Tiger, and a really, really nice guy. (He insisted on a handicap-accessible dorm when he reported to LSU as a freshman, so his best friend from high school—paralyzed from the waist down from a football injury—could visit any time he wanted; and that’s just the beginning of Addai’s big heart.)

I also agree that Dungy got the wrong end of the stick with Tampa Bay, and that’s another reason I’ll root for the Colts. I like Lovie Smith as a coach, too. He strikes me as something of an old-school football coach, and in my mind we need more old-school guys in the NFL. Still, I’d rather the Colts triump than the Bears.

And if anyone’s not watching the Super Bowl for at least the commercials…sheesh, why bother?

» Posted by chris
February 4, 2007 03:25 PM

:-) thanks for making me feel a lot better!

» Posted by Lee Bennett
February 4, 2007 03:29 PM

I’m just not a Colts fan. Sorry. But hey, I wasn’t commited either way. Too bad the Bears didn’t put up more of a fight. But at least it wasn’t a blow out.

» Posted by Queue
February 5, 2007 01:21 AM

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